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Dream Job

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go out and do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.   – Howard Thurman

My Aim

It is time and I am ready. With pride in completing 25 years of work dedicated to providing a quality education worthy for my own daughter at the American International School of Guatemala – Colegio Maya, it is time to begin a new venture. With renewed energy, an expanded toolbox of knowledge and skills, and a continued desire to make a difference in a learning community (school or otherwise), it is time to continue my own personal/professional growth in alignment with that of an organization looking to learn, grow, and perform. I am seeking a new dream job.

Brief Story behind this Aim:

The arrival at this point in time at which my daughter, Alexis, has left Guatemala to begin her college studies at Bates College (With Ardor and Devotion – Aligning who you are with what you do is the heart of the Bates experience) in cognitive neuroscience is notable in its relation to my current dream job search in several ways.

Alexis’ growth, development and education was of such importance that our family made the commitment to stay in Guatemala and support her uninterrupted schooling at Colegio Maya from pre-kinder through graduation. Professionally, I have been instrumental in working in various capacities within the school to provide a constructivist-influenced education not only for her, but for all students that aligned with best practices and my educational philosophical values in fostering inquiry and reflection, personal growth, and a commitment to the world beyond oneself. I can see that my daughter has reaped the benefits as she moves on to the next learning ventures in her life.

In terms of a professional career, this has meant filling various teaching and administrative positions as needed according to the ebb and flow of the school culture influenced by the changing leadership in having worked with twelve heads of school during my time at Colegio Maya. I have had the opportunity to teach grades PK-12, sit temporarily in all administrative positions, coach, advise, and drive a bus on many occasions. While opportunities were made available to move ‘up’ and abroad, I conscientiously chose to stay the course in my commitment.

The highlights of my career at Colegio Maya include comprehensive yet distinct pieces: my work as director of teaching and learning in promoting learning that was personally rigorous-meaningful-engaging; a holistic physical education, wellness, and adventure education teacher; and the impetus for implementing expeditionary learning. Importantly supportive of this work and ballast to staying in one place for so long as to not become stagnant have been my lateral academic forays: doctoral studies in social construction and appreciative practices, conference presentations, consulting with learning community projects and my most current interests in operationalizing personal learning.

So now, the conundrum at hand is to step out of a well worn path created from 25 years of dedicated work in search of a new path of possibilities for a dream job. As I face this crux it appears to me that currently the world seems to value those who have created an enveloping hierarchical network of social media connections that purport to wield impacting social clout (whether the task is completed or not). Instead I have lived by the quote from Lao Tzu: A leader is best when people barely know that s/he exists; When her/his work is done, aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves. So, faced with the task of putting my best foot forward for consideration, I offer the unedited words from colleagues who were asked to describe the attributes that they feel that I would bring to an organization. I invite you to continue reading these as well as the accompanying pages of this site that reflect some of my work.

  • Inspires with passion for learning;
  • Deep understanding of facilitating dialogic and experiential learning leading to individual, organizational, and community growth;
  • Strong ability to look at things from every angle, which supports problem solving and forward movement in an organization;
  • You can trust him with any task;
  • He has the tools to make things work given all of the hats he has worn;
  • His appreciation for people and their perspective;
  • His ability to create an environment that promotes community and a sense of team;
  • Provides opportunities and support for growth to those around him;
  • Always prepared for any moment;
  • Capacity to inspire change and innovate;
  • Focus on teamwork and community building;
  • Ability to collaborate and promote synergy;
  • Ability to Zoom In and Zoom Out: Seeing the big picture and paying attention to the smallest detail in planning a project;
  • Deep active listener with great respect for each individual’s potential;
  • Understands systemic change and that change for only the sake of change is not the best journey to be on;
  • Amazing coach!
  • Thorough: Looking at every detail, making plans for them, and following through on the plans for them;
  • Fights for what is the right course of action for an organization to take;
  • Always does what he says that he will do – carries through;
  • Ability to look at problems and see new fresh ways to handle them that work;
  • Bringing people together – People always feel at ease around you and people come to you when there are problems; as well as –


Curriculum Vitae, Philosophy of Learning & Leading, Recommendations, & References may be found in the About Jeff page.


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