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Having worked together for nine years in educational leadership, it was time to find a new avenue for Maribel, Sherry, and I to continue to work together in similar projects as Sherry retired from being a director of an American International school. We decided to form Empowerment Unlimited, which would allow us the opportunity to work with host national and international groups interested in building their leadership capacity. At times together, individually, or with other parties, we have had the opportunity to work with schools – students, faculty, and administration; companies – boards, management, and employees; and non-profit NGO’s to aid them in their interest to improve their performance. The prime tool that we use, though not exclusively, is Appreciative Inquiry in helping people to be a part of the whole empowering process. We continue to grow – individually, as we attend and present at international conferences; and collectively, in extending our circles of inclusion to work with other value-added members such as Todd and Mary Jo.

Fast forward to 2017! We have let our work with Empowerment Unlimited idle as we all have continued to grow –  though in different directions, while staying connected. I have been involved with my daughter’s transition from high school to college, while shifting my professional focus to personal learning. Sherry has has been heavily involved in SERES and Becas Uspantan; Maribel, in taking the position as Dean of elementary at the TASIS school in Puerto Rico, Todd as CEO at Safe Passage and Mary Jo in her writing endeavors. Stay tuned for new innovative jams.


Our Summer Retreat in Asheville, NC


Empowerment Unlimited Website

An Appreciative Inquiry into Building and Leading Positive School Culture . EU Workshop, Antigua, Guatemala, March 2014 (Power Point)




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