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After building my challenge ropes course and starting up Ascending Ventures, Inc. in 1998 I made contact with a Play for Peace (PfP) volunteer from the U.S. serving in the Quetzaltenango region – close to the previous area where I had served in Peace Corps. The Play for Peace mission: To bring together children, youth and organizations from communities in conflict, using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace; attracted my attention in making use of cooperative play and experiential education methodology in serving to bring youth together. I was able to support Play for Peace events at the challenge ropes course as well as PfP personnel in their work during their early years in Guatemala. Since then, I have been able to continue providing support as a trainer, a resource for curricula, and a promoter for Play for Peace programming. I have recently been involved in the promotion of Play for Peace for (a) Peace Corps programs (b) the Guatemalan Vice-Ministry of Sport and Recreation programs and (c) American International Schools as a vehicle for teaching and providing leadership opportunities for students.

Guiding Question:

What would the benefit be to your school or community to form a Play for Peace club?


Slideshow Case Study of Play for Peace

Play for Peace – YouTube


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