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Doctoral Dissertation Bibliography (Document)


Northeast Strength-Based Network

This is a special interest group on LinkedIn made up of primarily, but not totally strength-based practitioners in the Northeast of the U.S. The group periodically meets in my native Vermont and offers virtual conferences, discussions, and meetings focused upon strength-based practices.

Red Iberamericana de Indagacion Apreciativa

This is a web site in Spanish for uniting practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry. I am the Guatemalan coordinator, while the network consists of coordinators for the countries of Spain, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil.


Appreciative Leadership: Building Sustainable Organizations by Jack Ricchiuto

Dialogue Education Step by Step: A Guide for Designing Exceptional Learning Events by Darlene M. Goetzman

Stories of Positive Change in the Community College: Appreciative Inquiry in Action by Nancy E. Stetson

THRIVE! Create What Matters Most – In Challenging Times and Beyond! by Bruce Elkin



An Appreciative Inquiry into Building and Leading Positive School Culture . Empowerment Unlimited Workshop, Antigua, Guatemala, March 2014. (Power Point)

Building the Positive Core with Appreciative Inquiry & Appreciative Leadership. Tri-Regional Conference Workshop, Mexico City, 2013. (PowerPoint)

Introducing Active Learning-Module 1. Professional Teacher Development, Guatemala, 2012. (Prezi)

Active Learning – Module 2. Professional Teacher Development, Guatemala, 2012. (PowerPoint)


Salir de la pobreza y dar voz a los invisibles: Tejiendo nuevos diseños con dialogo de Indagación Apreciativa en Guatemala (published in Indagacion Apreciativa: Un enfoque innovador para la transformación personal y de las organizaciones, Subirana & Cooperrider, 2013)

Formar a mujeres para dirigir empresas con microcréditos. (published in Indagacion Apreciativa: Un enfoque innovador para la transformación personal y de las organizaciones, Subirana & Cooperrider, 2013)

Appreciative Inquiry – A Vital Tool in the Student Leadership Toolbox (To be published in forthcoming book Exceeding Expectations – Appreciative Inquiry in Education, Dole & Moehle)

Strategic Planning and Targeting Success (Newslinks, Fall 2010)

Coming Together ~ Targeting Success Strategic Planning Summit (Summit Program, 2009)

The Beauty of the Experience – AI Principles in Action! (International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry, May 2009)

Quotes & Inspirational Writings (related to topics at hand!)

From Appreciative Inquiry Commons: Inspirational Quotes

From Gratefulness.Org (sign-up for the daily emailed quote)

From Margaret J. Wheatley

From Ralph Waldo Emerson

From Henry David Thoreau – More!!

La Gente que Me Gusta – by Mario Benedetti

From John Dewey – More !!

From Robert Frost


Appreciative Inquiry Commons (Most complete offering of AI resources!)

 Sage Publications (Publisher of periodicals for the social sciences)

Various Websites utilized in my work (Many & Varied!)


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