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The underlying approach of Project SERES (Supporting Ecological Resilience and Environmental Sustainability) is to engage, educate and empower people to become leaders of their own sustainable change. This is achieved through providing innovative programs and workshops, community projects, and the youth leaders that become role models for their communities. SERES creates the moments in time to start conversations that will help the world work toward the vision of a just and sustainable world, and opens the spaces where these conversations can grow into ideas and flourish.

SERES is a for-benefit organization. For the benefit of humanity, for the benefit of the environment, and for the benefit of all future generations to come. SERES is working for a future of healthy, thriving, bioculturally diverse communities living harmoniously in a just and sustainable world.

We (humanity) have at our disposal all of the resources and economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable solutions required to live in a just and sustainable world – our job is to help people access these resources and solutions.

Back around 2004, in working together with Todd Amani and Sherry Miller to develop a school improvement plan for Colegio Maya, we realized that we shared a dream of bringing together our passions for working with youth, leadership, experiential education, peace, sustainable development and the environment. We shared our hopes for someday seeing a physical space dedicated to such learning and sharing in Guatemala. Sherry has continued to shepherd this dream in joining efforts with Corrina Grace and Project SERES in the support and delivery of training programs that target these aims. On the current drawing board is the fund raising, purchase, and development of a Center towards the south coast of Guatemala that would allow for this valuable work to be carried out at a more inventive and state of the art facility. So far, I have been privileged to be a part of the training of the youth facilitators and a sounding board for the development of the Center. Once established, I look forward to contributing my expertise in the use of appreciative practices in the center’s programs – so that they might also be taken back for use in the participant’s communities.


SERES Website

SERES (Impact)3 – video

Project SERES (video)


What would be the benefits for hosting a SERES Youth Leadership Conference?

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